On Thursday, March 15, 2001, from 1pm to 4pm, the TRACE-P Science Team hosted a group of 35 local atmospheric and environmental researchers, funding agency representatives, and policy decision makers from the Hong Kong community.  The institutions represented included the Environmental Protection Department, Central Policy Unit (Hong Kong government), Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Observatory, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong City University, and EHS (a private environmental consulting firm).  Dr. Vickie Connors welcomed the group.  The TRACE-P Mission Scientist, Dr. Daniel Jacob, presented an overview of the TRACE-P mission, the experiment plan, and the aircraft payloads.  Then the group spent an hour touring the NASA DC-8 and P-3B, looking at the instrumentation, and discussing specific questions with the TRACE-P team.  Next the group returned to the seminar room to see the TRACE-P preliminary results.  Informal discussions between our Hong Kong guests and the TRACE-P Science Team concluded this event.  The TRACE-P Education Day Guest List follows:


Environmental Protection Department
K.M. Leung
H.Y. Chang
K.K.P. Louie
M.M. Yeung
W.M. Pun
K.L. Lai                            

Central Policy Unit, Hong Kong government
E.W.K. Cheng
P. Lau Lai Chiu
J.H. Bacon-Shone
L.Y. Zheng           

Hong Kong Polytechnic University
M. Anson
C.Y. Chan
L.Y. Chan
T.F.V. Cheung
N.J.D. Graham
K.S. Lam
S.C. Lee
Y.S. Li
C.N. Poon
W.F. Tam
T. Wang

Hong Kong Observatory
K.H. Yeung
W.L. Chang
S.T.E. Lai
C.C. Lam
H.Y. Mok
K.C. Sin

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
C.K. Chan
W.-L.W. Hsiano
P.S. Lau

Hong Kong City University
M.M.R. Chen
A.Y.S. Cheng
A. Walton

B.K. Yeung
P. Sham