TRACE-P Chemical and Meteorological Data Plots


Introductory Remarks

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DC-8 Plot Order
DC-8 Flights Summary
Flight Date Location Mission Title
1-3 2/14-21/01 NASA Dryden Flight Research Center Test Flights-No chemical data archival required
4 2/26/01 Transit: NASA-Dryden Flight Research Center to Kona, Hawaii Aged Asian Pollution and MOPITT Mid-Latitude Validation
5 2/27/01 Transit: Kona, Hawaii to Guam Asian Pollution Subsidence and MOPITT Tropical Validation
6 3/3/01 Transit: Guam to Hong Kong Asian Outflow: Frontal. Convective, and South China Sea
7 3/7/01 Hong Kong Local 1 China Outflow and Frontal Crossing
8 3/9/01 Hong Kong Local 2 Chemical Evolution of Frontal Outflow
9 3/10/01 Hong Kong Local 3 China Outflow to Yellow Sea
10 3/13/01 Hong Kong Local 4 Aged Asian Outflow
11 3/17/01 Transit: Hong Kong to Okinawa MOPITT Validation and China Outflow
12 3/18/01 Transit: Okinawa to Yokota AFB, Japan Formosa Strait and China Outflow
13 3/20/01 Yokota Local 1 Frontal Lifting and Dust Outflow
14 3/23/01 Yokota Local 2 Convective Outflow
15 3/26/01 Yokota Local 3 Convective Outflow and Stratospheric Influence
16 3/29/01 Yokota Local 4 Sunrise Photochemistry of Asian Outflow
17 3/31/01 Yokota Local 5 Warm Conveyor Belt and Cyclonic Recirculation
18 4/3/01 Transit: Yokota AFB, Japan to Kona, Hawaii High Altitude Asian Outflow and Sunset MBL Chemistry
19 4/6/01 Kona Local 1 Subsidence Over East Pacific and MOPITT Transect
20 4/9/01 Transit: Kona, Hawaii to NASA Dryden Flight Research Center Aircraft Intercomparison, Stratus Chemistry and Jet Stream Transport

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