Shipping Addresses

K-1: TRACE-P Freight Forwarder

Overseas Shipments' Staging Site for all shipments going to Hong Kong or Yokota:

Plaza Distribution Services
c/o AFC Worldwide Express
472 Plaza Drive
Suite E & F
Atlanta, GA 30349

K-2: Delivery Address for Shipments to DFRC Integration

(PI Name/TRACE-P) c/o
Ed Benitez, Dyncorp
4876 Lilly Dr., Warehouse 6
Edwards, CA 93523
Phone: (661) 276-3007

Ed Benitez can be contacted at the above phone number or by e-mail at

K-3: Delivery Address for Shipments to WFF Integration

ATTENTION: R. H. Bradford
Building N-159
Wallops Island, VA 23337
Phone (757) 824-1439

Dick Bradford can be contacted at the above phone number or by e-mail at

K-4:  Delivery Address for Shipments to Intensive Sites

K-4a:  Hong Kong

Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited (HAECO)
Attention:  Henry K. K. Cheung, Supplies Manager
80 South Perimeter Road
Hong Kong International Airport
Lantau, Hong Kong

Consignee:           Chris Hanson, General Services Officer
                            US Consulate Hong Kong

K-4b:  Yokota Air Base, Japan

“NASA Deployed”
Yokota Air Base (TMO)
Building 41415 (extension 5-9154)
Fussa-Shi, Tokyo

On-Base Contact (Consignee):
Master Sergeant Larry Wolterman
Phone (from US):  011-81-311755-9154 or 011-81-311755-8044
Phone (in Japan):  042-552-2510 extension 5-9154



Shipping Procedures

For all shipments to either integration or intensive field sites, PI's are to contact AFC Worldwide Express (contact information below). AFC will arrange for pick-up at a date agreed to by AFC and each individual PI for shipment to the appropriate site. All shipments destined for Yokota or Hong Kong will be staged at AFC's site in Atlanta, Georgia. (See address information in Section A, above). AFC will inform each PI of all specific procedures that must be followed.

AFC Contact Information:

Dexter Moon (phone: 404-761-1364, fax: 404-761-2173, )
Nannette Cooper (888-332-0232)


Packing: Upon completion of operations at each intensive site and after offload at DFRC or WFF, the PI's will pack their own equipment and supplies for the return shipment. The same packing and documentation procedures provided by AFC Worldwide Express for the outbound shipments should be followed for the return shipments. It is not necessary to provide packing lists for return shipments UNLESS what you are return shipping to the United States differs significantly from what you originally shipped in to the foreign site. IF THIS IS THE CASE, CONTACT ERIKA HARPER WHEN YOU ARE PREPARING YOUR RETURN SHIPMENT.

Shipping Agent: A designated local shipping agent will be on site at each location at a pre-arranged date to assist in the packing and loading of the ocean container.

Return Shipment Labels: The SAIC GTE Project Office will provide each PI return destination color-coded labels. These labels will be distributed on pack days at each intensive site. To ensure return of all shipments to the correct originating site, PI's should also include their name and return shipping address on each container.

Extra Material: Any materials that were not included in the outbound shipment from the USA should not be in the return shipments because it could cause customs delays for the entire shipment. In short, if you yourself would have to claim it when going through US customs, keep it out of the shipment.

Temporary Import Licenses for Computers: If you plan to ship a computer as part of the TRACE-P shipment, please let AFC know so that any appropriate arrangements may be made.