PEM Tropics Participants & Measurements

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DC-8 Investigators/Parameters
(Instrument Characteristics)
PI Parameter
Bruce Anderson CCN
Alan Bandy DMS and SO2
John Bradshaw NO, NO2
Ed Browell O3
Gerry Gregory In stiu O3
Brian Heikes H2O2, CH3OOH and CH2O
Don Blake NMHC, Selected Halocarbons
Elliot Atlas Organic Nitrates
Glen Sachse CO, CO2, CH4, N2O, and H2
Hanwant Singh PAN, PPN, C2Cl4, CH3COCH3, CH3OH, C2H5OH, CH3CHO
Bob Talbot HNO3, 210Pb, 7Be, NO3, H4SO4, CH3SO3(MSA, total I
Rich Shetter Nadir & zenith spectroradiometer
GTE Project j(NO2) Radiometers
T, Td - LN3 & 2 & 3 stage dew pt.
storm scope
Forward, zenith, and nadir video
Lat, long, altitude, winds
Polar satellite images
Data logger and display

P-3B Investigators/Parameters
(Instrument Characteristics)
PI Parameter
Alan Bandy DMS, SO2
Don Blake NMHCs, Selected Halocarbons
Elliot Atlas Organic Nitrates
Mary Anne Carroll NO, O3 & NO2
Antony Clarke CNC-Heated/Unheated: # density, 0.02-2.0 µm diam.
UNC/CNC: # density, 0.003-0.02 µm diam.
Mass, surface area & # density, 0.01 to 0.35 µm diam.
Size distribution/physicochemistry, 0.15-7.0 µm diam.
Scattering Coefficient @ 450,550 and 700 nm
Aerosol light absorption coefficient
Fred Eisele OH, H2SO4, MSA, DMSO, DMSO2
Brian Heikes H2O2, CH3OOH, CH2O
Bruce Anderson TAMMS/ winds, Lyman alpha
Mike Rodgers j(NO2), j(O1D)/ DC-8 Co-Mission Scientists
Glen Sachse CO, CO2, CH4
Barry Hubert Aerosol NSS and MSA; Vapor HNO3
GTE Project Data logger and Display
T, Td - 2 stage dew pt.
Eppley Radiometer
Storm scope
Forward, zenith, and nadir video
Lat, Long, P-altitude

Modeling and Meteorological Analysis
PI Activity
Doug Davis Instantaneous Photostationary State & Time
Dependent Box Models/P-3B Co-Mission Scientist
Henery Fuelberg Real Time & Post Mission Trajectory Models
Analysis/DC-8 Co-Mission Meteorologist
T. Krisnamurti FSU Global Spectral Model
Daniel Jacob Photochemical Point Model/ DC-8 Co-Mission Scientist
Shaw Liu Three Dimensional Transport, Photochemical Model
Reg Newell Chemical & Meteorological Analysis/ P-3B Co-Mission Meteorologist
Jose Rodriguez Point-by-Point Photochemical Model/ Steady State Diurnal Model & Trajectory Photochemical Process Model
Don Lenschow Analysis of Trace Gas Flux Measurements

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