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Date Event
January 4 - 8 Receive probes/inlets, plumbing
January 11 - 15 Begin instalation of probes/inlets, plumbing, windows
January 19 Experimenters arrive at NASA Dryden Flight Research Center. New visitors attend briefing on Building 1623 Safety. Final rack build-up, inspection, and weigh-in begins. Installation of experimenter wire runs and plumbing, probes, windows, and fairings begins.
January 22 Begin rack installation with forward most racks. Racks must be inspected and weighed prior to loading. Begin installation of a/c power and DADS connections. Begin experimenter systems checks for operability and power consumption.
January 29 Continue power and DADS installations and experimenter systems checks. Begin installation inspections for flightworthiness. Once an experimenter clears inspection he/she may leave Dryden and come back for the Power-up Check and/or the Mandatory Experimenter Safety Briefing.
January 30 Complete rack upload.
February 4 Technical Brief.
February 5-6 Roll-out. The aircraft is towed out of the hangar to begin outside operations. All racks must be secured prior to roll-out. All probes and associated plumbing are installed and inspected. All windows are installed. Aircraft is pressure checked, defueled, and weighed. No experimenter access to the aircraft until cleared by the DC-8 Crew Chief. Weight management begins on aircraft. All flight items brought aboard or removed, weighing 10 lbs. or more, must be logged.
February 8 Power-up Check. A representative from each experiment must be in attendance to power up his/her equipment. This is a check of the power system balance, and a functional check for electrical interference between experimenters
February 9 -12 Engineering Check Flight (ECF) will be scheduled as soon after Roll-out as possible and will be followed by two pilot proficiency flight tests on a day following the ECF and an FAA flight test follows.
February 16-18 Laser Calibrations/Alignments
February 18 Mandatory Experimenter Safety Briefing.
February 19 First experimenter test flight.
February 24 Second experimenter test flight.
March 3 Third experimenter test flight.
March 1-5 Loading of DC-8 fly away kits and experimenter blue boxes.
March 6-15 Deploy to Hilo, Hawaii. Conduct three local flights.
March 17/18-25 Transit to Fiji. Conduct three local flights.
March 26/27 - April 12 Transit to Tahiti. Conduct five local flights.
April 13-16 Transit to Easter Island. Conduct one local flight.
April 17 Transit to San Jose, Costa Rica
April 18 Transit to Dryden
April 19-23 Download payload

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