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This updated GTE bibliography consists of citations for publications, presentations, and media coverage and has been significantly updated since the re-initial issue in March 1997. The citations are arranged by mission to facilitate identifying the time period, science subject and repository of the data referred to in the citation. We have limited the citations to those actually using GTE data or dealing in some other way with a GTE mission. The list is extensive and impressive.

There is no better way to show the scientific impact of the GTE program than a bibliography such as this. This bibliography update may have inadvertently omitted some important publication or presentation you have made in the past. Please provide us the appropriate information to allow its inclusion in the next update. Any additions or corrections should be sent to Mary M. Kleb (Mail Stop 401B, NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA 23681-2199, or Whenever you publish or present a paper in the future, please send Mary Kleb a copy so that its citation will be included in the next bibliography update. Bibliography accuracy will be best served by sending us your citation information after it has been presented or published.

Remember the availability of all the GTE science measurements from all the missions. Currently, the data are available from the GTE archive. The server is Sequential selections will present each mission, each platform and type of data, each PI in a mission, and each flight in the mission. In addition, we maintain a GTE WEB ( page to provide alternative data access as well as background information for GTE and each mission. The GTE data is also available via the Langley Atmospheric Sciences Data Center.

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